About Keytar Bear

Known to perch on the platforms along various MBTA lines, strapped with his portable piano and donning the ruffled yet somewhat-fluffy animal costume, Keytar Bear has captured the hearts of the commuting public. Within months of first launching his busking career, Keytar Bear has already amassed a loyal following, and a Facebook fan page was created in honor of his musical talents – he’s even booking gigs outside of the tunnels and train stops where he’s usually seen rocking out with a portable amplifier by his side. (credit: Boston Magazine)

Within an hour of the news surfacing, fans of the bear started to come to his aid. Abigail Taylor started a Facebook page to organize a fundraiser for the performer to offset some costs while he’s out of commission. “As Bostonians, we are responsible for putting a smile back on his face. I’m hosting this fundraiser, not only to help out Keytar Bear with his bills, but also to show him what he means to the city of Boston,” she said. An Indigogo fundraiser was also set up in his name. (credit: Boston Magazine)

Keytar Bear News

Keytar Bear Indiegogo account

Keytar Bear was attacked in two separate incidents on the streets of Boston. Keytar Bear brings joy and happiness to Bostonians on the streets with his cheerful songs and amazing talent. As Bostonians, we are responsible for putting a smile back on his face.

Interview with Boston Magazine

Q: The costume is a little dirty. Do you think it’s horrifying?

A: I think it’s horrifying.